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Learn everything you need to know about VoiceLive Touch 2 - Vocal Designer & Looper - in less than 5 minutes.

Design a dynamic vocal performance - live on stage or in the studio - with intuitive and ultra-responsive realtime control.

- State-of-the-art vocal effects and harmonies
- Dedicated 6-track looper with infinite overdubs, shots mode, metronome and quantize function, plus loop-specific effects like Reverse, Filter, Slow Speed, and Squeeze
- MIDI sync of loops and FX
- 9-button Touch Matrix speeds editing and control
- Ultra-responsive Slider FX for hands-on experimentation
- Hit button switches multiple effects from basic to shake it!
- Dedicated tap tempo button matches Delay and Rhythmic effects timing to live beats
- Tone feature includes Adaptive EQ, Compression, Gating and De-essing
- Perfect harmonies and pitch correction via Auto Key Detection.
- Simple effects customizing with styles and icons.
- Huge, free library of song and artist presets
- Optional 3-button footswitch allows hands-free control
- Reverb, modulation effects and tuner for guitar input
- Innovative mic stand-to-desktop non-skid chassis
- High quality mic pre-amp
- USB for audio recording and playback, preset backup and more
- and much more!

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