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  • uploaded March 21, 2014

The Nelson Mandela tribute as ‘Caravan’ is a collaboration of renowned
musicians from Africa, Europe and the Caribbean.
The Caravan will begin in Berlin where the artistes will perform their songs and music in tribute to Madiba. Some of these artistes will then tour the ‘Caravan’ performing the tribute concert in Germany, Switzerland, France and other countries with different artistes and guests joining in on stage at each show.
This homage to Madiba will be more than just a tribute to this great man who is a universal symbol of peace, freedom, and liberation – it will also carry on his legacy and keep alive his message, values and example which is still relevant and much needed in our world.
As music is the universal language, it is the best way to continue, keep alive,
respect, share, and develop not only Madiba’s vision and philosophy, but to
exchange ideas and put those ideas into action and use them to help everyone move forward in creating a better world where we can all live side by side.
It was Nelson Mandela‘s dream to bring the South-African people together as
one Rainbow Nation. The Caravan will carry on that dream and message as it
grows to include the whole world.

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